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How To: In-Door Camping Date Night

Anne JohnsonComment


My life is pretty busy and with a long distance boyfriend, it can be hard to find time to fit in #datenights. Not only hard to find the time, but hard to find the money. I am constantly looking up "cheap date night ideas" on #Pinterest and honestly nothing has struck my interest, until one day something did. CJ and I always fantasized about a weekend away together camping in the woods. Of course in the good old land of Minnesota, summer is really the only ideal time to do that. However, time slipped away and summer days slowly turned colder and colder. CJ returned to school and I started my job. The camping dream was out of mind.

Until a #Pinterest post peaked my interest. A camping themed #datenight. BINGO. Why didn't I ever think of this? It was so easy, cheap, and fun. The only supplies really needed: s'mores ingredients and a tent, or in our case, a fort (i.e. a sheet), and some pillows and blankets. If you really want to make it fancy and romantic, grab some candles and string lights to hang around the room.

So first thing was first: the fort. Ok I don't know about you guys, but building forts was my thingggg growing up. I remember spending hours with my brothers trying to make the coolest forts. Lucky for me, those skills came back to me, just not as quickly as I wanted them too. After about an hour and a half of figuring out the logistics and setting the dang thing up, It was complete. My 7 year old self would've been proud.

Honestly making the fort was the hardest part and from there it was easy....Just set out the s'mores stuff, light some candles, set up the lights, and BOOM. Instant indoor camping trip.