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How to Decorate A Man Cave

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Last week I spent a few days decorating my man's room. He, like me, is ballin' on a budget so we needed to figure out how to vamp up his new space without spending too much money. One easy way I did this was by decorating his room with things he already owned. He is huge into records and hats, so we found a way to incorporate those into the design of his room. Check it out below!



Headboards can be expensive AF, but a little wall decor above the bed can help fill some of that empty space. Here we used a few of his favorite records on top of shelves to display them. This way he can still play the records or change them out if he wants to.. The floating shelves were from target and only $12.99! Next, we used two records he doesn't like anymore to add some more "decor" to the space beside his favorite movie quote.



Alright, this is for all those ladies out there who've got themselves a man O B S E S S E D with hats. Why so many? I'll never know. Instead of hiding them away in a closet, use them to fill up space on blank wall. He could've easily hid them away in a closet, but this adds a little something, something to the room and creates a statement wall with lots of dimension. FYI, this was HIS idea. I can't take credit, although I wish I could.


Alright, low key my favorite wall in the room. Just a few of his favorite signs and wall decor that he has previously owned. Again, the only thing we really had to buy was this cubed shelving unit from, you guessed it, TARGET for $28 on sale. Since he is still in school, this cubby is great for storing all those text books.

TIP: if you ever need to buy furniture, wait until the back to school college rush is over and most stores, like target, will have a sale.

Ok, not going to lie I was pretty impressed by my little record storage idea. While at target, the boyfriend educated me on the whole concept of needing to store his records standing up...So my initial idea was to put them in the cubed shelves where they would still be on display, but they wouldn't fit... WAHHH. Unfortunately not many stores sell, "record holders" anymore so I needed to be creative. Knowing target to be the magical inspirational place it is, I was determined to find some kind of creative storage solution. I walked rampantly up and down the isles, until I finally found it. Then, just as my boyfriend was about to pull me out of target for wandering around like a crazy target lady (which I am), I FOUND THIS. Some call it a pan holder, but my friends, I call it the magical record holder of my dreams. BOOM. And it was only $10 on sale. DOUBLE BOOM.


ACS_0033 2.jpeg

And in this corner, standing three feet tall, we have the magical record player. Not much needed to be done to this corner other than adding a little $3 storage bin for the rest of his "not so favorite" records. Shoutout target. Above it, on the wall we just have an old Johnny Cash album cover to give the corner a little extra FIRE...burning ring of fire that is. (lol get it? If not, take a hike).