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Use This Everyday Product to Exfoliate Your Lips

Anne JohnsonComment


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In order to get that perfect pout with your favorite shade of lipstick, it is crucial to exfoliate the lips! So many people skip this step but it is actually a great way to keep your lips hydrated.  Through the exfoliation process you are sloughing off dead skins cells, which not only makes your lips smoother, but that also helps lip balm penetrate deeper into your skin allowing for optimal hydration. There are lots of lip scrub products both store bought and DIY-able (sure thats a word) out there, but if you are lazy or cheap like me, then just use a toothbrush. I just had a new soft bristled toothbrush lying around my apartment that I use for my lips.

The steps are simple:

1. Find a toothbrush

2. Load your lips up with Vasaline

3. Scrub away in a circular motion for about a minute

4. Wipe the excess away or rub it into your lips for extra hydration

5. Puker up and put on that lippy stick