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What You Shouldn't Do Everyday With Your Hair

Anne JohnsonComment


If you are one of those girls who washes their hair everyday, don't worry I have no room to judge because I used to be YOU. I felt disgusting going more than a day without washing my luscious locks but then my hair dresser told me it's actually not healthy for your hair to wash it everyday. I'm sorry whatttttttttt. I was SHOCKED. Here are the reasons why:

1. It strips your hair of its natural oils which can actually leave your hair dryer, more prone to breakage, and split ends. 

2. It dries out the scalp which can lead to dandruff.

3.It causes colored hair to fade faster(especially blondes). Toner doesn't last forever and the more you wash your hair, the faster that toner fades causing faded or a brassy hair color.

4. Your hair will actually be less greasyif you stop washing it everyday. Again, washing everyday strips the natural oils from your hair that keeps it healthy. When those oils are lost, your hair naturally compensates that loss by producing even more oil causing your hair to look greasy. To keep that greasiness at bay, wash your hair every other day. 

5. The last and final reason to stop washing your hair everyday is because dirty hair is actually easier to style. I don't know about you, but I find that my curls stay so much better with day old hair rather than newly washed hair! 

The solution: Wash your hair every other day, to every two days and use DRY SHAMPOO. This stuff seriously saves my life.