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4 Beauty Products To Swap Out of Your Beauty Routine RIGHT NOW

Anne JohnsonComment


Hey guys! I have been so MIA all month long and I APOLOGIZE. Just became a real adult and got my first big girl job, which has been taking up a lot of my time. But hey finally making that moneyyyyy... but let's not be fooled. That money won't last long because #LOANS. Yay. So when my money isn't being forcefully ripped out of my hands by bills and loans, it is being spent on, you guessed it, beauty products. I will admit this right now: when I like a beauty product I will use it until there is nothing else left to it and most likely will but the exact same thing again. I am not one to go out and buy the latest and greatest makeup because I know what I like and I stick to it. That and because I'm too poor to spend all my money on nice, new makeup. However, recently I have been going outside of my comfort zone and buying new products. Why you ask? No, it's not because I'm a big girl and have more money tp spend on these products, because as mentioned before, I'm still broke despite having a stable income. It's because I have recently been doing more research on the ingredients that are in the products I have been using (and loving) for years and I'm realizing that it's time for me to swap out those items with healthier alternatives. So little by little I have been making the "clean swap" as I like to say, and purchasing items that are better for me. Guys, I am the queen of balling on a budget, and I know some of the cleaner products can be a little more expensive, but if I am willing to spend an extra $3 dollars on these products, that is saying A LOT. In my mind, I think of it as investing in my health. Or if you aren't willing to spend that extra money, simply take the time to look at the ingredients on that back of your products and try and stay away from the harmful ones and find a better alternative that is within your price range. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you download the EWG's Healthy Living App. You can search products and it will give you am overall rating and individually rate each ingredient from 1-10 (best to worst). This gives you an easy way to get to know what products and ingredients you should be avoiding.

As I continue to make the "clean swap" I will share my products with you all, but for now, check out what I've recently been swapping out below: